Review Guidelines


Reviews are open to purchasers and in some cases product trialists of Brand Developers’ products to express their genuine, personal, opinion about those products.

To submit a review, the following Eligibility Guidelines must be met:

  • You can only review a product that you have purchased or trialled and you can post only one review per product. You must have read the instructions and used the product in accordance with the instructions.
  • If you are an employee of Brand Developers, or if your review may be subject to a conflict of interest, or if there is any relationship that may affect its impartiality, you must clearly disclose this in your review.

All reviews must also meet the following Review Guidelines:

  • The review must:
    • be directly related to the product itself, and not to any products which are similar and/or sold by other organisations;
    • include a star rating;
    • be clear and understandable;
    • be original, genuine, accurate, truthful and not misleading or deceptive either in whole or in part.
  • The review must not:
    • include personal information of another person, such as names, email or other addresses, or phone numbers;
    • include advertisements or references to other offers or websites, though in some cases other product recommendations may be acceptable, depending on the context;
    • include links to websites;
    • include the price paid for the product; unless the price is already shown on our website;
    • include obscene, abusive, discriminatory, intolerant, defamatory, or illegal content, or swear words or other inappropriate language; or
    • be harmful or intended for improper or unlawful purposes.


Moderation and use of reviews:

Brand Developers does not edit reviews. Brand Developers aims to publish reviews promptly.  However, reviews are moderated, and Brand Developers reserves the right not to publish reviews that do not meet the Eligibility and Review Guidelines.

Brand Developers has the right to contact any reviewer for more information about the review before the review is published.

By providing your review, you agree to:

Brand Developers using all or any part of your review for marketing purposes on this website and elsewhere.

Reviews are also subject to Brand Developers’ Terms and Conditions, which are available here, including the Privacy Policy, which is available here.

Remember Brand Developers has a 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee irrespective of the problem* – please check our Terms and Conditions (link above).  (*Heavily discounted products are excluded from our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.)

If you have any questions in regards to our Eligibility or Review Guidelines or any other matters including delivery or product questions, please email